Silvercreek Offers allows buyers the ability to submit a "PRIORITY OFFER." The sole purpose of the PRIORITY OFFER option is to expedite an immediate offer to the seller. 

  • Only one PRIORITY OFFER is considered at a time!
  • This option lists all terms, conditions, requirements, and a solidified price that the buyer must pay. If the buyer selects the PRIORITY OFFER option, it will expedite the offer process for seller consideration within a 24 hour response time. 
  • It is important to note that the PRIORITY OFFER option does not halt the bidding process until the seller agrees to accept the offer.
  • In the case that the bidding price comes within $10,000 of the PRIORITY OFFER price, the PRIORITY OFFER option will disappear. This is an advantage to the seller.
  • Once the PRIORITY OFFER option has been submitted, it will no longer be available for future buyers to use. In the case that the PRIORITY OFFER was rejected by the seller, it will reappear on the bidding page. The seller will only consider one PRIORITY OFFER at a time.